Wednesday, 25.10.2017
Start and opening of the barrel by the mayor, farewell of the queen 2016 and coronation of the festival queen 2017.

Thursday, 26.10.2017
Nonstop Beer Festival: Bavarian music and international hits with the Steinsberger.

Friday, 27.10.2017
Music: Music hits of the last 20 Beer Festivals with Denise.

Saturday, 28.10.2017
Party and atmosphere: Oktoberfestparty with Manu and the Steinsberger.

Sunday, 29.10.2017
From 11.00 to 14.00h, Bavarian lunch with traditional music and white sausage.
Night: Oktoberfest Night-Fever-Party with the Steinsberger.

Monday, 30.10.2017
Music as requested by the audience with the Steinsberger, night of popular songs with Denise.

Tuesday, 31.10.2017
Music: Great music hits of the last 20 Oktoberfest Festivals with the Steinsberger. Competition: Rising of beer tankards.

Wednesday, 01.11.2017
Rest day.

Thursday, 02.11.2017
Nonstop party with the Steinsberger. Great milk contest: 1st prize 200 € in cash.

Friday, 03.11.2017
“Zicke Zacke Heu Heu Heu”. Music with the Steinsberger.

Saturday, 04.11.2017
Oktoberfest Party with the Steinsberger, music hits of the 70/80/90s with Denise.

Sunday, 05.11.2017
From 11.00h, Lunch with live music without a break: Country – Folk – Rock and Roll – with Pablo Bloom, MC Lucas, Happy Freunds and DJ PM-One – End of Festival 18.00h.