Renewal of the registrations for third country nationals without permanent residence permit

The third country nationals without permanent residence permit should renew their inscription in the Municipal Register every TWO YEARS.

This formality consists of a personal written declaration stating his/her wish to remain in the register.

Who can ask for it?

Third country nationals without permanent residence permit.

  • Date of application: Before the expiration date of the registration (EVERY TWO YEARS).

Necessary documentation

  • Duly completed and signed form.
  • Identity Card currently in force of the applicant (only must be exhibited to prove the identity).
  • If an authorized person must submit the documentation, this person should present the relevant authorization, copy of the applicant’s identity card and identity card currently in force proving his/her identity.

Why is it so important to renew the municipal registration?

If you do not renew your registration, the Town Council will initiate the CANCELLATION PROCEEDINGS. Once this step is carried out, your registration will be definitively cancelled in the Municipal Register.

Once the cancellation is definitive, the person loses his/her seniority. This fact may have negative consequences concerning the granting of assistance, subsidies or administrative formalities, as well as problems with the public services requiring an evidence of his/her registration in Calp.

In this case, the applicant only can ask for a new registration, being compulsory to present all the documents required for the registration.

Legislation in force:

  • Law on foreign persons
  • Art.3, section 1 Organic Law 14/2003, of the 20th November, and Organic Law 4/2000, of the 11th January on Rights of foreign persons living in Spain and their Social Integrations, modifying the Law 7/1985, of the 2nd April, regulating the Local Regulations Conditions (B.O.E., n. 279, of the 21st November).