The School Agenda 21 is a program destined to facilitate the involvement of the school centres in a planetary scale support project. It attempts to imagine and build a better and sustainable world, starting by the intervention in the immediate environment: education and school.

From the Calpe Town Council, we encourage every educational centre (teachers, students, non educational staff and families) to make their own SCHOOL AGENDA 21, as an educational, participative and civic involvement project. An invitation, which is also an acknowledgement, encouragement, and support to the work that many centres are doing for the environmental education, which is a new opportunity to strengthen bonds between schools and cities.

The Agenda 21 of your educational centre will be whatever you want it to be. You will be the ones empowering whichever groups you wish to become part-takers, choosing which items will be subject to assessment and improvement, your priorities, as well as the amount of and the scope of the commitments made. Nevertheless, the working methods should share as a common basis:  

  • A process involving all of the part-takers.
  • The revision of the approaches and the educational practice.
  • A commitment related to the improvement of the actions aiming the environment as well as sustainability.

Presently only the centre Colegio Público Gabriel Miró has implemented the Agenda 21, nevertheless, other centres are actively taking part in the different activities related to the environment. Identically, all of the centres in Calpe are cooperating actively in the design and organization of events and the awareness campaigns stemming from the Green Calendar.