1.-    As holder of the cemetery property, the Town Council has sole authority, by conferring this deed, to grant the right to use of a plot.  

2.-    The burial grant is provided for a period of 20 years, and this period may be extended for free by the licence holder following a request.

3.-    Burial grants will be used for a single person, unless those receiving them are a couple who express a desire to be registered together.

4.-   The Town Council shall only recognise the right to use this deed granting a burial plot if the recipient is registered in the Department’s registry.

5.-   The rights deriving from this deed granting a burial plot are entirely non-transferable unless they have been authorised by the Municipality, and only in cases which are listed in the deed.   

6.- Transfers using wills, through inheritance deeds or bequests will be recognised as valid. Likewise, free transfers between relatives up to the 10th degree, according to the common law calculation. However, in no other circumstances will free transfers be recognised.

7.-   Transfers through payment will not be recognised as valid.

8.-   Whoever wishes to give their tomb or grave to another person, can do so solely when the corpses or remains deposited there have been exhumed). They should notify the Town Council who can grant authorisation when it has been shown that the transfer satisfies Current Legislation and does not attempt to evade the Law or legal regulations, whilst reserving the right to demand payment of municipal duties, depending on the tariff, providing that circumstances would advise this course of action in view of variations in currency.

9.-  Tombs or burial plots which have been abandoned by those in possession of them, will be considered to be property of the Town Council, as holder of the property, in the name of the deceased buried there.  

10.-  Tombs or graves which do not contain corpses or remains may be returned to the Town Council.  .

11.-   Corpses cannot be exhumed nor placed in burial plots or tombs unless the legal amount of time since the last burial has passed.   

12.-   Exhumation in order to move corpses cannot be carried out without the corresponding authorisation, and only when the amount of time stipulated by the law has passed. 

13.-  Municipal offices will hold the corresponding records of all of the deeds which are issued, and the current conditions will be inserted into these deeds.