Deputy Councillor of Territory Protection (Urban Development, Technical Services, GIS, Registry and Housing) and cemetery.

Pendiente de aprobación

I. Assets

  •     Properties (according to registry value and vesting percentage) several houses 179,270.63 euros.
  •     Total 179,270.63 euros.

II. Liabilities

  •     Stocks and shares in companies 224,612.14 euros.
  •     Average account balance 62,747.35 euros.
  •     Pension schemes 64,003.37 euros.

Member of the Local Plenary Session.

Member of the Informative Committee as a deputy.

Representative, as a deputy, at the Municipal Association of Calp, Murla and Vall de Laguar.

34,000 euros per year in his capacity of member of the Town Council as his one and only activity.