Calp Town Council’s Citizen’s Advice and Information Services directs its activity towards providing processing and information services about steps for citizens to take when dealing with different areas of the Municipal Corporation. 

In order to make users of the service, both individual citizens as well as companies and organisations, fully trust in our services, we need to ensure quality through all stages of the provision of those services. Therefore, we have made it our main objective to reach and surpass the quality levels demanded by users, in addition to complying with all of the legal and regulatory requirements that may affect us.

The commitment begins with the General Secretary of the Town Council, that the office is dependent on, and the Head of Services, and goes down through all of levels of the organisation. All of its members are fully involved in the project, and it is obligatory to comply with and apply all of the working procedures and instructions that have been created in ordered to correctly implement and develop this Quality Policy, and to achieve the objectives that have been outlined.

Likewise, there is a commitment to constant improvement that results in the optimisation of the quality of the activities that are carried out by the Citizen’s Advice and Information Office, in such a way that they are worthy of the total confidence and satisfaction of citizens.

The Quality Management System of Calp Town Council’s Citizen’s Advice and Information Office is based on the following basic principles that unite all of the staff:

* Ourstrategic targetsarethe satisfaction of citizens who use the service, and its continued improvement. Each year we will establish operational targetsand meeting these targets will ensure our strategic targets are also satisfied:

1. - Every worker is responsible for the activities assigned to them and are responsible for ensuring the tasks are carried out in a satisfactory manner by practising self-management.

2 – In cases where a worker, especially the head of services, delegates tasks, they will still be held responsible for those tasks.

3 - All activities that affect quality will also be carried out in compliance with procedures, instructions or other previously approved documents.

4 - The management will ensure the necessary human, technical, training and economic resources in order to reach the department’s established objectives.

5 – Likewise, the quality of the services provided by our collaborators and internal providers (the other areas of the Town Council), is guaranteed in such a way that he relationship with them is a key activity in our relationship.

6 - The results of the services provided by the Citizen’s Advice and Information Office in relation to the requirements of the Quality System, must be backed up by evidence and objective proof, which should be specified through documentation.

The Quality Management System of Calp Town Council’s Citizen’s Advice and Information Office is based upon the requirements of Regulation UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008