The Board, formed by the Mayor and the Council Members, is the highest political representation body of the citizens in the local government. They are in charge of controlling and inspecting governing bodies, the legal authority to regulate powers and budget and the rest of the honours bestowed by the law.

The Board’s sessions may be ordinary, extraordinary and urgent extraordinary. The Board meets in ordinary sessions once a month, and in extraordinary sessions when called so by the Presidency, whether of its own accord or at the request of at least a fourth of the legal number of members of the Town Council. Urgent extraordinary sessions are called by the Presidency when the urgency in the matter or matters to be dealt with does not allow for an extraordinary session to be called with the sufficient requested notice.

The Board of Calp’s Town Council is formed by twenty-one democratically elected council members. They, in turn, choose the Mayor, who is in charge of the Presidency, which might be delegated when appropriate to one of the council members.

The Board’s sessions are public.

The Board’s matters of discussion and corresponding minutes may be checked at the local website: Minutes and abstracts of the Plenary Sessions

Frequency of the sessions:

The Board’s ordinary sessions take place the second Monday of every month at 5pm. Pursuant to Section 48.2 of the Local Organic Regulation, the ordinary session is adjourned in August due to the holiday period, as long as this does not damage municipal affairs.

In addition, the Mayor can postpone or bring forward ordinary sessions within the same month of the scheduled date in which it should take place when the day set is a public holiday or it is in a holiday period.


Plenary Hall at this Town Council.