Deputy Mayors replace the Mayor by order of appointment and in the event of vacancy, absence or sickness, and they are freely appointed and removed by him among the members of the Local Governing Body.

As per the Mayor’s Office Resolution on the 19th of June 2019, the Mayor agreed to appoint as Deputy Mayors of Calp’s Town Council the following members of the Local Governing Body:

First Deputy Mayor:

  • Mr Juan Manuel del Pino López

Second Deputy Mayor:

  • Mr Francisco Avargues Guardiola

Third Deputy Mayor:

  • Ms Ana Isabel Perles Ribes

Fourth Deputy Mayor:

  • Ms Hilde Elisa Peter Backaert

Fifth Deputy Mayor:

  • Mr Fernando Ortiz Morón

Sixth Deputy Mayor:

  • Ms Noelia Ciscar Martínez

Seventh Deputy Mayor:

  • Ms Rebeca Merchán Díaz