The Local Governing Body is a board which, under the chairmanship of the Mayor, permanently collaborates and helps as a body with its corresponding political role, as stated under section 23 of the 7/1985 Law of April 2nd regulating the Rules of the Local Government. In addition, it exercises the powers that any other local board delegates to it, or which is expressly conferred to it by the law.

The number of members in the Local Governing Body cannot exceed a third of the legal number of members of the Town Council besides the Mayor, who freely designates them and separates them.

This way, since the body of Calp’s Town Council is composed of twenty-one elected council members, the Local Governing Body may not have more than seven members, along with the Mayor.

Sessions from the Local Governing Body are not public; their discussions are secret.

The Local Governing Body’s matters of discussion and corresponding minutes may be checked at the local website: Minutes and abstracts Municipal Government committee

Members of the Local Governing Body

  • Mayor – President:
    • Dª Ana Mª Sala Fernández
  • Council members:
    • D. Juan Manuel del Pino López
    • D. Francisco Avargues Guardiola
    • Dª Ana Isabel Perles Ribes
    • Dª Hilde Elisa Peter Backaert
    • D. Fernando Ortiz Morón
    • Dª Noelia Ciscar Martínez
    • Dª Rebeca Merchán Díaz

Frequency of the sessions:

The Local Governing Body meets weekly on Friday (unless it is a public holiday) at 09.00am for common sessions, but the day or time may be modified, and they may be adjourned if falling in a holiday period, as well as postponed or brought forward within the same week or the week immediately after when the day it should take place is a non-working day or if special circumstances apply.


Local Governing Body Hall at this Town Council.