• Fourth Deputy Mayor / Del. Coun. Municipal Register, Inter. Residents, OAC, OMIC, Communication and Transp., Modern. Smart City


    Ukkel (Belgium), 12th December 1963


    Degree in Translation and Interpreting at the HIVT: Rijksuniversitair Centrum in Antwerp, University at the Belgium Province of Antwerp.
    Degree in Economics, with a full-time curriculum (Law 7-7-70). Recognised by the Ministry of Education and Science, Spanish Academic recognition Information Centre, by deputy director JOSE LUIS PÉREZ IRIARTE no. 002914/2662 on November 4th, 1988 in MADRID.

    1984 – 1994: Freelancer – Cafetería Amberes at Paola Building - Carrer de la Pau, Calpe.
    1994 – 2002: Assistant administrative manager and the building company and real estate GRUPO Tenza S.L.- Calpe
    2004 - 2008: Assistant administrative manager: Ortin Garcia S.L. in Calpe – Alicante.
    2008 – 2011: Assistant administrative manager at Christian Riquelme Ruiz’s company.
    2011 – 2015: Consultant at Calp’s Town Council.
    2015: Council member at the O.A.C – Residents – OMIC – Town Hall Register – Modernisation.
    2015: Legal assistant at OMNIALEX International Lawyers S.L.

    Languages: Spanish – English – French – Flemish/Dutch – German.

    I. Assets

    •     Properties (according to registry value and vesting percentage) several houses 35,725.48 euros.
    •     Total 35,725.48 euros.

    II. Liabilities

    •     Average bank account balance 165.44 euros.
    •     Pension scheme 23,204.18 euros.
    •     Net income previous years 24,637.34 euros.
    •     Mortgage loan 32,593.79 euros.

    Member of the Local Plenary Session.
    Member of the Local Governing Body.
    Member of the Informative Committee of the Public Tax Administration and Economic Promotion, Internal Regulations, Territory and Cultural and Social Policies.

    The remuneration of the Council Member for attending the Plenary Sessions, Informative Committees and Government Meetings is 270 euros per session.