• Coun. Del. of Mar. Marches, Quality and Urban Image, Cemetery, Traffic, Citizen Security and Mobility, Cleaning and Manag. Waste


    Alhama de Murcia (Murcia), 1962


    Secondary-education Certificate at C.P. J.Mª Paternina

    Hotel Businessman

    Taekwondo, indoor football, local races

    Additional positions:
    Vice-president at the Sports Consortium of la Marina Alta (CEMA)
    President of the party Alternativa Popular para Calpe (APPC)
    President of the Peña Barcelonista of Calpe

    I. Assets

    •     Properties (according to registry value and vesting percentage) several houses 60,000 euros.
    •     Value of other assets (vehicles, jewellery) 33,000 euros.
    •     TOTAL 93,000 euros.

    II. Liabilities

    •     Stocks and shares in companies, bank balance, Pension schemes and Insurances 1,500.00 euros.
    •     Different loans 69,200.00 euros.

    III. Activities:

    •     Owner of a Cafeteria

    Member of the Local Plenary Session.

    Member of the Local Governing Body.

    Member of the Informative Committee for Public Tax Administration, Economy and Internal Regulations.

    Representative at the Town Council, as a deputy, Board of the Peñón de Ifach Natural Reserve.

    Representative, as a deputy, at the Consortium of Sports from la Marina Alta.

    Representative, as a deputy, at the Municipal Association of Calp, Murla and Vall de Laguar.

    27.200 euros per year as a member of the Corporation with partial dedication.