This program aims to ease the economic hardship suffered by the most deprived families, ensuring that they have access to basic foodstuffs needed for nutrition.


The main aim is to provide families living in economic deprivation with certain basic and non-perishable foodstuffs, particularly those with young children.


You must be a legal adult, the family should be registered in the Municipal Register of Calp, have income earnings which do not exceed the Minimum Interprofessional Salary. You should not be the recipient of support from other institutions or NGOs and should not own property other than the usual residence.


  • Application form, according to the type of request.
  • National Identity Card/Foreign Identity No. (DNI/NIE) of the living-in unit.
  • If there are minors in the living-in unit, booklet recording details children’s birthdates.
  • Evidence of income:
  • Income statement for the last tax year for the living-in unit.        .
    • Certificate of annual balance of all the bank accounts of the members of the living-in unit.
    • Pension certificates, State Public Employment Service (SEPE), National Social Security System (INSS), etc.
    • Existing salaries for the living-in unit.
    • In case of self-employed workers, income payments by instalments statement VAT taxes.
    • Liability statement of earnings for the living-in unit.


  • Conditions of the Municipal Food Service (Provincial Official Bulletin no. 74, from the 22nd April 2013).
  • Name modification of the Conditions of the Municipal Food Service, replaced with Conditions “Calp Ajuda” Program (Provincial Official Bulletin no. 140, from the 25th July 2013)