The Family, Childhood and Adolescence Area of Primary Care is formed by a psychologist and a social worker, who detect and assess unprotection situations in which the group of minors and adolescents can find themselves. They also perform the intervention with their respective families in order to overcome the unprotected situation. All this in coordination with the educational, health, police and social fields.

There is also the specific Family Intervention Program, which is also formed by the psychologist and the worker, by a family educator. This program aims to prevent the separation of the child from their family nucleus by maintaining conditions that allow their integral development, through actions aimed at covering basic needs and improving their environment.

The basic principle that underpins the philosophy of this Program is the fundamental right to education - the right of the child and the fulfillment of that duty by the parents / guardians - as a transforming element of social reality. At the same time, it seeks greater efficiency and optimizes the existing resources in the municipality aimed at acting on the school population.


Raise awareness of the importance of the child's right to education, in order to promote and facilitate actions aimed at eradicating schooling and truancy in Calp, attending to students with temporary deprivation of the right to class attendance.


Be a mandatory school-age minor, showing certain percentages of truancy or have been temporarily deprived of the right to class attendance.


  • Referral by the educational center.
  • Referral by Local Police.
  • Petition of the father / mother / guardian of the minor.

The Specific Intervention Team with Children and Adolescents (EEIIA) is a specialized resource that offers psychological and socio-educational care to families in situations of vulnerability or conflict; They offer a specialized intervention of integral nature to the family nucleus. This service is aimed at all those families registered in the municipality of Calp who need psychological or socio-educational support to solve certain difficulties.


Family therapy

Specialized treatment aimed at the whole family, or one of its members, in order to cause changes in family relationships.

Psychosocial orientation

Intervention with the objective of strengthening the capacities of families and the bonds that unite their members.

Family Mediation

Route of conflict resolution, where the parties have the help of a specialized mediator as an impartial person who designs a process to reach agreements aimed at:

  • Couples in the process of separation or divorce with minor children.
  • Families with coexistence problems.

By going personally or by phone to the Social Services Center and requesting an appointment for family orientation with the Family and Minor Area of ​​Primary Care, which will collect and analyze the demand, and will, if appropriate, refer to the EEIIA.