This program aims to:

  • Guarantee access to information, guidance and advice on Social Services in general, to all citizens and citizens, groups and institutions, based on the provision of equal, universal and accessible information on existing social resources and benefits.
  • Inform people, groups and institutions of the existing social resources in the community.
  • Advise on the rights they may have and how to execute them.
  • Channel the demands towards the resources and suitable entities, public and private, internal or external to the City Council.
  • Manage the necessary resources to overcome problems.
  • Analyze existing social needs and problems, carrying out an intervention aimed at overcoming.
  • Diagnose, plan, execute, monitor and evaluate the situation experienced by the person, in order to direct it towards empowerment and autonomy.
  • Establish and strengthen a community network of mutual support and help between citizens and local citizens, promoting social cohesion.
  • Individualized and personalized attention by the professional or the reference professional, who tracks the evolution of the events that happen to the person.

Some of the benefits, resources or services of which you can inform yourself through the Department in a more concrete way are:

As well as information, advice and individualized support in the application and processing process of the different existing community resources to which you may be entitled.

Home help service:

It is a service aimed at people and families who have problems in carrying out the elementary activities of daily life, providing them with direct attention in their own homes through interventions that favor their permanence and integration in their usual environment.


Activities that are aimed at the user, when the user cannot perform them by himself or when he needs:

  • Toilet and personal care support
  • Help to eat
  • Supervision, if appropriate, of medication and health status
  • Support to mobilization within the home
  • Accompaniment outside the home
  • Facilitation of leisure activities at home
  • Other personal attention
  • Activities and tasks that are carried out on a daily basis at home: food, clothing, cleaning and maintenance of the home.


  • Health Report for social benefits
  • Photocopy of the DNI, NIE or passport of the applicant and members of the family unit
  • Photocopy of the SIP card
  • INSS Pension Certificate
  • Registration flyer of the applicant and the family unit
  • Certificate of goods issued by the Office of Citizen Services (OAC)
  • Declaration of the income of the family unit.
  • Dependence: Law 39/2006, of December 14, for personal autonomy and care for people in a Dependency situation.
  • Social integration report linked to the procedure of social roots for foreign persons.

Conditional release tracking; information, processing and monitoring of works for the benefit of the community at judicial instances.

These programs will be carried out through the public attention of the different professionals of the Department of Social Policy of the City of Calp, requesting an appointment by phone or by going directly to the Department of Social Services to request it.