This involves offering unpaid personal assistance to activities of public use, social interest and educational value. It is intended as a means of reparation for the community affected by the illegal act and is not subject to economic gains.


It involves the fulfilment of a legal ruling in cases grounded in the law and court orders.

Characteristics of the punishment:

  • The punishment cannot be imposed without the consent of the guilty party.
  • The working day will have a maximum duration of eight working hours and a minimum of four.
  • The activities carried out shall not impinge on the dignity of the guilty party.         
  • The guilty party will benefit from the Social Security assistance provided by the operating government
  • The work carried out by the guilty party will not be paid.


The Community Work Service sentence will begin when Calp Town Hall receives the request from the Alicante Penitentiary Service.


  • Organic Law 15/2003, of the 25th November, modifying the OL 10/1995, of the 23rd November of the Penal Code (art. 49)
  • Royal Decree 782/2001, of the 6th July, regulating the specific working conditions of the guilty party in penitentiary workshops and its protection regarding the Social Security in community service activities
  • Agreement between the Autonomous Work and Penitentiary Services Organization and the Town Council of Calp, for the assistance to activities of public use in the community interest
  • Decree 1974/2010, of the 31st August, regulating the minimum requirements of the guilty party in order to carry out community service works in the Town Council of Calp.