This document grants its holder the right to use reserved parking spaces and benefit from the parking rights outlined by Calp Town Council. The maximum validity is one year, which cannot be extended.


The provisional parking permit is a legal accreditation document for disabled persons who have reduced mobility so that they may stop or park their car as close as possible to their access point or destination. It is strictly for personal use only and cannot be shared. It may only be used in Calp, when its holder is the vehicle driver or is travelling in the vehicle. It should be placed on the vehicle’s dashboard.

The provisional parking permit is the previous document for those persons that have an accredited disability, but are waiting for the report with the final ruling of reduced mobility. Once they have this report, they can ask for the European parking permit.


     1.  Be registered in Calp

     2.  Age: Be older than three years old.

     3. Hold the necessary ruling which recognises your status as disabled, issued by the Disability Guidance and Assessment Centre linked to the corresponding regional head office of Social Welfare.

     4.  Application of the final report of reduced mobility.

     5.  Medical report, according to the model, justifying serious mobility problems.


  • Application form, according to the type of request.
  • National Identity Card/Foreign Identity No. (DNI/NIE) of the applicant.
  • Credentials of the representation and DNI/NIE of the legal representative, if appropriate.
  • Two passport-size photographs.
  • Ruling of acknowledgment of disability issued by the guidance and assessment centre for disabled persons of the regional head offices of the Social Welfare department..
  • Ruling of acknowledgement of reduced mobility.


  • Ordinance regulating the Provisional Parking Permits for people with limited mobility in Calp (Provincial Official Bulletin no. 40 of the 28th February 2011).