What you should know about quality, improvement and rehabilitation of houses and buildings:


This site contains information on the most relevant technical aspects concerning the quality of housing, aspects to consider for proper use and maintenance, or to undertake a reform or rehabilitation of quality. Among its main contents it includes the sections on energy saving, the removal of architectural barriers, acoustic comfort, water savings or information about financial assistance for housing rehabilitation.

Modernization Plan:

Unanimous commitment and aim of the Calpe Town Council for the progress of the Public Administration at service of an inclusive policy for all the citizens.

PGOU Management Strategies:

Report written in 2004 by request of the Calpe Town Council, by M. Fernando Romero Saura, professor of the Universidad Politécnica of Valencia, attached to the Town Planning Department.

List of houses that are more than 50 years old:

List of properties that are more than fifty years old.