The Town Council has studied, debated and looked into the principles that we consider inspiring to run every Public Administration in the 21st century.


For this purpose the municipal council recently approved in a plenary session the Municipal Charter for an Open Government and the Ordinance for Accountability and Good Governance for the Calp Town Council.

These standards need to be obviously debated, known and accepted by the citizens, whose collaboration is essential in order not to make them just a document. Therefore, we agreed that the public participation process would take 6 months before a definitive approval.

As long as the public participation process is going on, different measures providing a better accountability between the Town Council and the citizens could be implemented so that, through this proposal, I consider appropriate to propose a first Decalogue of measures to be immediately implemented, without prejudice of adding new measures as the public accountability and participation process is growing 


Implement a brainstorming workshop: "Open Government". Every first Thursday of the month, at 7:30 pm at the Casa de Cultura (cultural centre). Reflect on the values and principles that an open government should have in civil society.


In November, the launch of the Municipal Information Bulletin, to be published every two months. This bulletin will give the opportunity for each municipal group to use a space for political opinion.


The Mayor will hold a monthly meeting with citizens who have prior requested it at least a week in advance to discuss a subject proposed by the residents via the municipal website or any other means.


An hour prior to each ordinary plenary session, a meeting will be held by the Board of

Spokespersons to report on initiatives and projects, as well as to facilitate agreements and the desirable governance of the Town Council.


The same day as the Municipal Budget is agreed, an extraordinary plenary session will be held to debate the State of the Municipality.


Periodic meeting every six months of the Board of Mayors.


Publish the income tax returns of all councillors (certified format issued by the tax authority) on the accountability website "".


Establish that the people responsible for the citizens’ participation start before next November the meetings, actions and activities deemed appropriate for the discussion of the Ordinance on Accountability and Good Governance and the Municipal Charter for an Open Government. 

The conclusions resulting from this public participation process shall be taken into account and made ​​available to the opposition prior to the plenary session in which the final approval of such instruments shall be carried out.


Live audio-visual broadcast of the plenary sessions through the website "".


Launch of "" as a web platform for the recovery of history, promotion of culture and social life and participation of the local life of Calpe.

Pursuant to all the above, I hereby have the honour to propose to the plenary Council to adopt the agreement, approving the preceding Decalogue regarding the measures of Accountability and Open Government. 


Calp, on the 21st October 2013.

The Mayor.

M. Cesar Sánchez Pérez