Calle Alcalde Vicente Pastor - Calp

Among the objectives of the EDUSI Strategy "Revitaliza Calp" is to preserve and protect the environment and promote resource efficiency. Therefore, one of the projects included in the strategy is the improvement of pedestrian mobility and urban landscape of Murillo, Alcalde Vicente Pastor Tomás, Benissa and de Fora streets, located in the old town, an area that this Sustainable Development Strategy aims to enhance.

The most innovative element has been the installation of escalators in Alcalde Vicente Pastor street and an escalator ramp in Murillo street to facilitate access to the historic centre, especially for the elderly and those with mobility difficulties.
The pavements in Murillo, Benissa and de Fora streets have also been widened and the pavements in de Fora street have been lowered, eliminating the architectural barriers that existed.

In addition to mobility, the aesthetic appearance of the streets has been improved to integrate them with the rest of the streets in the old town, so that they have a more homogeneous appearance. LED lighting has also been installed, with the consequent energy savings that this implies, and the paving, drinking water supply and drainage networks have been renewed, along with the street furniture.

The aim of all this is to make these streets that give access to the old town of Calp more attractive to pedestrians, so that in the end it will be more visited and frequented.